Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 Movie Haiku Index

Here's my handy index to all the films (132 - count 'em!) that I saw on the big screen in 2006, alongside my star rating for each film. Click on the individual film title to read my movie haiku.
I actually saw a total of 140 films at the cinema this year, easily beating 2005's total of 116; the eight films that I saw twice were Art Of The Devil 2, Children Of Men, Ghost Of Mae Nak, The Host, Hostel, Pan's Labyrinth, Reeker and Severance.

Of the films listed, thirty of them were foreign language films, fifteen of them were sequels and ten of them were remakes. Only seven films attained the coveted five star rating, although in hindsight Hard Candy should probably have been awarded one less star. Looking back over the list I don't think I've been too harsh on any one film, but there are certainly others which have benefited from some overly generous ratings - notably An American Haunting, Cars, Invisible Waves, Mission: Impossible III and The Omen. I only walked out of one film this year and that was a retro screening of The Raven (and only because I wanted to socialise in the bar at the time) but I came very close to giving up with Marie Antoinette and Snoop Dogg's Hood Of Horror - and I also slept through most of Reeker on its first viewing due to excessive drinking!

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