Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another Christmas Party!

Thursday was our office Christmas meal at Thai Connection in Hove. Cotton, Bennett, Dom, Darren & I dodged the Burning The Clocks parade and caught a cab to The Station in Hove where we had a few liveners and found a pub quiz machine. After a sneaky Tuaca along George Street we met up with Bev, Debbie & Polly then settled down for some quality Thai nosh. We exchanged our Secret Santa presents (I got some coffee for hangovers and gave Bev a very limited edition single by The Angry Wasps) and Darren finally got the new mug that Bev had been promising him. The funniest thing happened as we walked back to the pub afterwards... Darren's bag suddenly split open, spilling its contents onto the road and smashing his brand new mug! More drinks at The Station and a few more rounds on the quiz machine before it was last orders and time to drag Dom away from the Hangman game he'd got addicted to. A good night out, and good to get away from our usual haunts for a change.

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