Sunday, December 03, 2006

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Legends (l-r): Me, Justin, Paul, Andy and Dave

It's that time of year again (otherwise known as Winter) when half of my friends piss off to warmer climes for a few months. Gary was first to go at the end of September, then Sean went in October... and now it's Justin's turn as he flies off to Thailand next week for five months spent with his girlfriend up in Chiang Mai. So, needless to say we had a big leaving bash for him on Friday night, beginning in the (abnormally busy) William IV pub at 6pm. We stayed in there until closing time and then Justin, Andy, Julie, Dave, Paul, Becca and I moved on to Fitz's for a couple and then decided to go clubbing. This proved harder than we'd imagined as the Funky Buddha Lounge wouldn't let us in (for being too drunk!) and all the other clubs we tried were just about to close... in the end we ended up in Legends where we stayed until 4am. Yes, visiting gay clubs again and I wonder why certain people question my sexuality? And thanks to Darren for subsequently signing me up to their mailing list, very funny!

So, with Justin jetting off next week and Dave soon to follow at the end of the month, the burning question is when am I heading off? Well, in all honesty I've no firm holiday plans as yet. I'm aiming to take some time off towards the end of January and I've made some tentative enquiries about attending the 2007 BKKIFF but nothing concrete yet... watch this space.

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