Thursday, December 07, 2006

Revl9n at Sumo

Three new bands and a new live venue for me last night as Andy, Julie, Justin and I headed down to Sumo to see Revl9n. I haven't been to Sumo for ages; it's quite compact as a live venue and with large sofas dominating one corner of the room it's more akin to watching a live show in your own lounge. Very intimate, and kinda nice! Support came from I Say Marvin whose brand of new rave indie music quickly grabbed the attention. Very much in the same vein as The Automatic I thought, their songs were punchy and tight - they've certainly got the potential to go onto much bigger things. Brighton's own Waxed Apple were next, whose madcap electro sound had Justin describing them as "psycho-clangers"! I'd been a little apprehensive about seeing Revl9n since hearing Ana had left the group a couple of weeks ago, but I needn't have panicked - Maria and Nandor adapted perfectly well as a duo and their songs sounded immediate and exciting. Musically they spanned the electro spectrum from an industrial Nine Inch Nails sound right through to the pure pop of the Pet Shop Boys. Walking Machine especially got everyone moving (not least Maria, whirling into the audience) and the band finished with a fitting encore of their other single Someone Like You.

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Dancinfairy said...

Sounds like you had a great night.