Tuesday, December 05, 2006

FrightFest (Black) Christmas Party

The Arts Club (photo by Alex Kidd)

I had a great night out in London yesterday meeting up with all the FrightFest regulars for a bit of a party. The night began with a preview screening of Black Christmas at Soho House along with Paul McEvoy, Steve, Rachael, Richard, Lauren, Alex, Dolores and Martin. I was expecting the worst after a one star review in Empire, but the film was fun, albeit trashy fun. We then moved onto the Phoenix Club where we met up with Ian Rattray and Alan Jones, and more of the usual suspects like Mike, James, Giles, Paul, Ian and Jake. I finally got to sit down and talk to Sian and Sarah (check out her new blog Sarah Hates Your Movie) and then Paul introduced Sarah and I to the lovely Richard Aoyade (from Man To Man With Dean Learner and Garth Marenghi's Darkplace) so we chatted to him for a moment. The evening took another surreal turn when we moved onto the Arts Club around 11pm as we arrived just in time to see Keith Allen on stage singing Anarachy In The UK! Ian and friends then took over the decks and spun some quality tunes for the next four hours and the rest of us continued drinking and dancing until we could drink and dance no more. It was good to experience the Arts Club in a rather more sober state than last time (the legendary post-Severance aftershow party) and I'm pleased to report there was no sleeping on pavements this time and I managed to catch the 4am train back to Brighton without incident.

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4am train? Ouch.