Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Movie Haiku Index

Here's my handy index to all the films (173 - count 'em!) that I saw on the big screen in 2007 - apart from Hatchet, Saw III and Them which I first reviewed last year - alongside my star rating for each film. Click on the individual film title to read my movie haiku.
I actually saw a total of 181 films at the cinema this year, easily beating 2006's total of 140; the eight films that I saw more than once were Day Watch, Diary Of The Dead, Frontiere(s), Hot Fuzz, Paradise Lost (Turistas) and Sunshine (all twice) and Inside (A l'interieur) (three times).

Of the films listed, thirty-four of them were foreign language films, nineteen of them were sequels and five of them were remakes. Only seven films attained the coveted five star rating, although in hindsight Frontiere(s) should probably have been awarded one less star, and of course Hard Boiled is a nineties classic. Looking back over the list I don't think I've been too harsh on any one film, but there are certainly others which have benefited from some overly generous ratings - notably Botched and The Messengers which should have received two stars each, and Captivity, Evan Almighty, The Fountain (sorry!), Hannibal Rising and Rush Hour 3 which in hindsight were stone-cold one star stinkers. I walked out of four films this year; Km 31 and Skinwalkers at FrightFest and Exodus and Reclaim Your Brain at TIFF, but I came very close to giving up with Blood Trails, Joshua and Sukiyaki Western Django. I thankfully managed to avoid seeing anything completely pissed out of my head this year, but I'm sure I dozed off during more than a couple of films...

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