Friday, June 09, 2006

FrightFest 2006 - First details announced!

FrightFest returns to London's Odeon West End over the August Bank Holiday weekend for four days of terror-soaked movies and as always, I will be there to cover the festivities. Friday will begin with three classic Hammer films - Countess Dracula, The Hound Of The Baskervilles and Twins Of Evil - before the festival launches its programme of premieres and new releases. Films confirmed so far include:

Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon (Dir: Scott Glosserman) - part documentary, part slasher flick, following the life of newcomer psycho killer and soon-to-be horror icon, Leslie Vernon.

Broken (Dir: Adam Mason) - Mason's latest sees a sociopath stalking a young mother in the woods. His first film The 13th Sign was awful, and I walked out of his second film Dust, so I'm not overly confident about this one... but advance word so far is positive.

Frostbite (Dir: Anders Banke) - the first vampire horror/comedy from Sweden.

Grimm Love (Dir: Martin Weisz) - inspired by a real life story, this controversial German shocker examines the psyche of a cannibal who met his willing victim over the internet... and then ate him.

H6: Diary Of A Serial Killer (Dir: Martin Garrido Baron) - last year it was zombies, this year it seems to be serial killers... this one's a bleak Spanish film following a serial killer who's just been released after 25 years in prison.

Isolation (Dir: Billy O'Brien) - Alien with cows? Nightmarish experiments on an Irish farm produce mutant cows...

The Living And The Dead (Dir: Simon Rumley) - a trippy family drama from a new British director... I might well end up in the bar during this one, just a hunch.

See No Evil (Dir: Gregory Dark) - this gory horror from WWE Films concerns a psychopath holed up in a rotting old hotel, played by wrestler Kane.

Sheitan (Dir: Kim Chapiron) - French flick following a group of teens who encounter a shepherd who's into satanic rituals. Stars Vincent Cassell, so can't be all bad!

Snoop Dogg's Hood Of Horror (Dir: Stacy Title) - anthology movie hosted by Snoop, from the director of The Last Supper. Reported to be very funny, this probably has the late night Saturday slot already sewn up.

Snuff Movie (Dir: Bernard Rose) - the Candyman director should be on hand to introduce this thought provoking movie on the nature of horror films.

Them (Dir: David Moreau & Xavier Palud) - a French thriller about a couple living in an isolated house in Bucharest... but of course they're not alone!

There are more films still to be announced, with The Breed, Day Watch, Pathfinder, Pan's Labyrinth and The Return all mooted (and a couple of Asian shockers too, I hope), plus the usual mix of trailers, shorts and guest appearances. For full details check out

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