Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Day in the Life (Part 2)

So here's the second part of my working day... Sorry if it bores you to death!!

14:50 – Write this week’s show times onto the white board.

14:54 – Decide to post this rambling nonsense anyway and log on to Blogger. Part 1 will cover the first three hours from 11:45 to 14:45 and I’ll post Part 2 covering 14:45 to 17:45 just before I finish work.

15:05 – Goal! Dash out to the back office to see the replay. Portugal 1 Mexico 0.

15:10 – Bloke phones up to ask about The Kooks gig. It’s sold out.

15:17 – Still editing my post on Blogger.

15:23 – Penalty! We all dash out to the back office to watch Simao score from the penalty spot. Portugal 2 Mexico 0.

15:26 – Bloke phones up to change his address details on our database.

15:29 – Goal! It’s now Portugal 2 Mexico 1. Stevie B is pissed off because he’s just transferred Pauletta into his Channel 4 team – having seen the team sheet on The Guardian website - and he’s not playing after all. Oh dear!

15:36 – I offer to make a round of hot drinks. “I thought you were never gonna ask,” says Darren. “Can you make it wishy-washy?” asks Dom.

15:48 – I want to post something about the new Warrior King movie so I’m busy downloading images and links from The Associates website.

15:52 – There’s a mad woman talking to herself in a very loud voice at the front counter.

15:53 – Darren complains about the ‘bits’ floating in his cup of tea.

15:59 – Bugger! I can’t seem to upload any images onto my blog at the moment.

16:03 – Reply to Karen’s email regarding show times for the Shell Connections performances.

16:08 – Mmmmm, tea! Mmmmm, doughnuts!

16:10 – Lady phones to ask about the prices for Jerry Springer: The Opera.

16:13 – Penalty! The Mexican player hoofs it over the bar so the score remains the same.

16:14 – Lady phones up to book tickets for the Lostprophets gig. Guess what? It’s sold out.

16:16 – Serve a couple at the counter who want to know the price of tickets for the Circa show.

16:18 – Red card! Mexico’s Perez gets sent off for falling down in the penalty area.

16:24 – Bloke phones up in a panic as he’s just realised that he ordered too many tickets. I agree to change his booking as he only called five minutes ago.

16:27 – Complete my Warrior King post then decide to change the posting time so that it will appear at the top of the page.

16:36 – Check in on Kelly’s blog again, then head over to the BBC’s website.

16:37 – Realise that Darren has not touched the cup of tea that I made for him. Darren accuses Dom of drawing pictures of Pocohontas in his notebook.

16:44 – Check my external emails. Have just received a very interesting email from Adam Mason, the director of Broken, who has obviously been Googling his film and found my recent post.

16:48 – Darren is overheard saying to a customer, “If I can bring a little bit of joy into someone’s day then I’m happy,” which makes us all crack up laughing. A couple come in looking for the new Duke Of York’s cinema programme, but we haven’t had our delivery yet.

16:54 – I reserve some Jerry Springer:The Opera tickets for a bloke who is swapping five tickets for six.

17:15 – Check on the final scores in this afternoon’s World Cup games then catch up with some emails.

17:16 – Serve a bloke at the counter who’s buying two tickets for The Automatic, then have another toilet break.

17:22 – Sell a pair of tickets for Kate Rusby to a fella on the phone.

17:36 – Check out more of my regular websites before ending up on the FrightFest forum.

17:40 – Christina at the Concorde phones me for the final sales figure for their John Cale concert tonight.

Don't worry, I shan't be repeating this project tomorrow!

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