Monday, June 12, 2006

Forty Winks

Who's the knackered ginger chap?

I must wish a happy 40th birthday to Justin today. A load of us met up in the pub on Saturday night to help him celebrate this 'staggering' age and get very drunk. After kicking-out time at the Druids a few of us were still keen to keep drinking, so Gary ended up leading us to VaVaVoom (the gay bar next door to Revenge) where some of us (me, Andy and Gary) danced around like loons to the video jukebox and some of us (erm, birthday boy Justin) fell asleep on the sofa. Many happy returns mate!

Me, Andy and Gary throw a few shapes to, erm, Paul Weller...


Leonard said...

If Justin was asleep, who took the photo of you "dancing"?

soulmining said...

Actually I think Justin took this one before he dozed off... but it wasn't just the four of us there - Mark, Julie and Julie's friend (sorry, forgotten her name) were there as well. They just didn't embarrass themselves in front of the camera like the rest of us!