Friday, November 10, 2006

Midlake at the ULU

Gig of the week #3 - Midlake.

Another night in London, another new venue to discover. I arrived at the ULU around 9pm so was quite surprised to be there in time to catch the support act (Fionn Regan I think) and find a decent place to stand... well, until the rude excessively tall people moved in for the second night running. Midlake played for about 75 minutes and sounded pretty good. I particularly liked the way they shared vocals and swapped instruments during their set, and each song was accompanied by projections or an odd promo video which complemented their seventies Americana sound perfectly. Their current album The Trials Of Van Occupanther is probably my favourite album of 2006, so it was nice to hear these songs played live and Roscoe in particular had the crowd whooping with delight. Another band I'd like to see again but preferably outside of London.

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