Friday, November 10, 2006

Feeder at the Roundhouse

Gig of the week #2 - Feeder.

I like the newly renovated Roundhouse in Camden, it's a lovely venue with a rich musical history. A nice size - about the same as the Dome - but with such a fervent crowd inside it felt packed, and there seemed to be a procession of extra-tall people rudely pushing in front of wherever I stood... and I'm hardly short myself. Boy Kill Boy opened proceedings with a lively set which won the audience over, finishing with their hit single Susie. After buying The Singles CD this Summer I suddenly realised just how many Feeder songs I knew and liked, so it was great to see them in a small(ish) venue as part of their three special War Child benefit shows this week. They played a fair number of my favourites such as Shatter, Lost And Found, Feeling A Moment and Seven Days In The Sun as well as a number of more obscure tracks and covers (including REM's Everybody Hurts) - and the audience went wild for it. Expectation was high for the encore as The Sugababes had turned up the previous night to team up on a couple of songs, but Grant informed us that they were otherwise engaged, so that was the only slight disappointment.

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