Monday, November 27, 2006

FrightFest in Brighton

Mark James & Phil O'Shea with Paul McEvoy

The FrightFest boys returned to Brighton on Saturday night for their annual roadshow event, the third year running that they've taken part in the CineCity festival. It was a pretty small crowd, no doubt due to the recent ICA all-nighter which had already screened two of the three movies. Gone was Wolf Creek-lite, an Australian set thriller in which a British couple hitch a lift with a very dodgy geezer - and featured that old time honoured cliche of the car that just won't start when the heroine is in peril! I got half way through watching The Raven (featuring a very young Jack Nicholson, to my - and Paul's - surprise) before retiring to the upstairs bar in the Duke Of York's with Paul and Ian to hang out with the Vampire Diary mob - directors Mark James and Phil O'Shea and actresses Anna Walton and Morven Macbeth. The film is an ultra-low budget British chiller and follows a documentary film-maker (Macbeth) who gets mixed up with a real vampire (Walton)... nothing special, but it held my attention and at 2am, after more than several beers, that was no bad thing. Not an outstanding line-up this time then, but nonetheless a fun night and it was great catching up with the FrightFest team again.

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You still like The Feeling best though, am I right?