Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Concorde

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? Originally I was due to see The Brian Jonestown Massacre at the Astoria in London along with Stevie B and Andy, but then the band added a date in Brighton... so we sold our tickets and blagged into the Concorde instead - and as an extra bonus, Anton was kind enough to put my mate Justin on the band's guest list as well. Job done! Anton warmed up the crowd with a DJ set before the band took the stage at 9:20pm, and it was great to see tamborine man Joel out front and centre, reunited with his old band once again. With (at times) no less than five guitars playing BJM kicked up a terrific wall of sound, spoilt only by a few assholes determined to wind up Anton after no doubt seeing his well documented short temper in DiG! Highlight for me was Hide And Seek where the band discovered the lost chord and f*cked it until it bled. We'd been anticipating a two hour set, but in the end we got a full 2hrs 40mins, halted only as the stroke of midnight approached and the venue started turning on the house lights! An even more heroic performance when you consider that Anton wasn't feeling 100%. A truly amazing show.

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