Monday, July 02, 2007

Transglobal Underground at the Komedia

Transglobal Underground - Brighton Komedia

I ended up at the Komedia on Thursday night with Steve to see what Transglobal Underground are up to these days. Back in the mid-nineties we were both big fans of their Dream Of 1000 Nations and International Times albums, but haven't really dabbled with their music since sometime-vocalist Natacha Atlas departed to persue a solo career. The band have always had a revolving door policy towards their line-up and in 2007 this centres around the core members of Alex Kasiak, Hamid Mantu and vocalist Tuup. From opener The Drums Of Navarone it was obvious they have lost none of their appeal, and the audience were dancing like crazy from the off. I must confess I didn't recognise any songs from their early days, but the new stuff - from new album Moonshout - was good enough for Steve to buy the CD directly afterwards. Totally different from my usual indie-guitar bands, but a welcome change!

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