Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Bravery at the Concorde

The Bravery - Brighton Concorde2

I was out with Andy last night to catch up over a couple of pints and check out The Bravery. We were quite surprised to find the Concorde was sold out as the band had pretty much vanished from view since their debut album, and appeared to be in crisis with release of their new album The Sun And The Moon getting put back in the UK. Support came from The Cinematics who were quite good in an Editors kind of way. The Bravery opened with Fearless (their best song on the night) and started well - Believe and This Is Not The End from the new album making an immediate impression. Other songs were less good, all a bit plodding to be honest with Sam Endicott's vocals coming across a little strained. Still, he makes for a good front man and some of the older tunes (including An Honest Mistake) certainly got the crowd going. A partial success then.

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