Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Sunshine & Even More Severance

Cillian Murphy in Danny Boyle's Sunshine

Further to my own review of Sunshine, I found a couple of other articles on the film which I feel discuss the ideas and themes of the film so much better than I was able to do. The first is an unpublished piece written for The Guardian by Gia who has been overseeing the Sunshine website for the past 18 months. The second is a review from The Observer last Sunday written by respected critic and broadcaster Mark Kermode. Click on the links below to read:

I Found Him In The Sunshine by Gia Milinovich

2007: A Scorching New Space Odyssey by Mark Kermode

Sunshine opens in cinemas across the UK on 5th April.

Severance US Theatrical poster

More news on Severance which of course I've mentioned on this blog countless times already - the film is due to open in the US on May 18th and the brand spanking new trailer is now up on YouTube for all to see:

Right, I think I need to find some new films to obsess over now!

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