Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Glasgow FrightFest Review

Rachael, D, me, Lauren and Kim at the GFT

My feature article covering the FrightFest all-dayer in Glasgow has now been completed and includes reviews of the following five films:

The Tripper:

"I'm still not sure exactly why I wrote the words 'Pig - bush' in my notes..."


"Resulted in a number of walkouts from people sickened by its subject matter..."

The Messengers:

"There were others in the audience who claimed the film could have been directed by monkeys..."

Turistas (soon to be retitled Paradise Lost in the UK):

"Effectively plays on the fears and urban myths of travelling in a foreign land..."

Motel Hell:

"Culminates in a chainsaw fight between one man wearing a pig's head and another swinging on a meat-hook like he's Indiana Jones..."

You can read my full review at Eat My Brains website here.

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