Sunday, January 28, 2007

Reform Five

Tim Booth contemplates getting the band back together

What is it about bands reuniting this week?

The first rumblings were heard on Tuesday when James announced they were getting back together for a UK tour. The reunion seems to have surprised even singer Tim Booth himself, who always seemed very content with his new life in Hove concentrating on his solo work and his acting career. Fair play though, their Greatest Hits sold shed loads and tickets for these new shows got snapped up immediately. Next up were Crowded House, with Neil Finn and Nick Seymour confirming that they were working on a new album together and are auditioning for a new drummer (since the suicide of Paul Hester in 2005). Whatever you might think of their music, in their prime they were a fantastic live act - I remember being really surprised at their spontaneity and how well they developed a rapport with their audience at a Brighton Centre gig.

I joked to Bennett these things come in threes... well, we didn't have long to wait. The line up for this year's Coachella festival in California was then announced, with The Jesus And Mary Chain on the bill and Rage Against The Machine headlining one of the three days, both bands reforming for the festival. The pre-sale password for tickets was "Roxanne" which prompted speculation that The Police were going to play together for the first time in 20 years as well. Whilst that is yet to be confirmed, the band's reunion does seem be on, with rehearsals for a world tour due to take place shortly in Vancouver, according to several reports.

As if that's not enough, since I started posting this article news has reached me that Smashing Pumpkins have announced two festival shows in Germany (did they ever officially split up?) and that David Lee Roth has rejoined Van Halen for a 40-date tour of the US.

Next week - Pink Floyd, The Stone Roses and The Smiths patch up their differences?


Adz said...

B*Witched are getting back together as well (as a 2 piece, and why is that * in the name?)

Take That reform and everyone follows suit. Boyzone are next on the cards I have heard!

Courtney said...

I don't care if the Smiths get back together. Morrissey won't perform in Canada because we are savages who kill seals. Baby seals. Lots of them. For fun. With clubs.

I'm still waiting for that Spice Girls reunion. When those slags stop getting knocked up I'll be first in line for tickets.