Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's time to get slaughtered!

Hey, who's this handsome fella talking on my television?

Yes, Severance gets its long-awaited DVD release here in the UK on Monday, but thanks to the dozy staff at Fopp who put it on the shelves a week early, I can bring you an exclusive look at what to expect.

Aside from the film (see my four star review here) presented in widescreen format with a 5.1 soundtrack, there's a ton of special features as follows:
  • Audio Commentary by Christopher Smith (director), James Moran (writer), John Frankish (production designer), Danny Dyer, Tim McInnerny, Babou Ceesay and Andy Nyman - see if James actually manages to get a word in edgeways!
  • Making of Severance (34 mins) - looks at how the cast came on board, lots of larking about on set, plus the hazards of filming with animals.
  • Being Danny Dyer (5 mins) - Danny swears a lot and wears a prosthetic cock.
  • The Genesis of Severance (5 mins) - James gets his moment in the spotlight to tell us that he really wanted to kill some yuppies... but he wrote Severance instead. It's catharsis, see?
  • The Coach (8 mins) - the crew buy a dodgy old coach and a mad Hungarian stuntman crashes it in spectacular fashion. Two words - health and safety?
  • Deleted Scenes with optional commentary (8 mins) - eight short scenes including the Talking Deer, voiced by Leslie Phillips.
  • Not So Special Effects (5 mins) - the perils of asking for a prop rock and guns 'n' ammo in Hungary.
  • Outtakes (2 mins) - not that funny, apart from things falling off the luggage rack in the coach.
  • Palisade Corporate Video (2 mins) - the full version of the video screened on the coach during the opening credits.
  • Danny Fight Scene (2 mins) - fight club rehearsal.
  • Alternate Ending Storyboard (1 min) - now where's their boat headed?
  • UK Theatrical Trailer (2 mins) - featuring the wonderful Oh Yeah by The Subways.
  • Intro Sequence Animatics (3 mins) - The bearpit scene in animatic form.
  • Easter Egg - Lodge Incident (6 mins) - a rather pointless 'fact finding interview' with Nadia & Olga.
So, round up those Gift Tokens you got given for Christmas and make it your mission to go and buy this DVD next week!

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