Tuesday, January 09, 2007

FrightFest does Glasgow

Kristen Stewart in The Messengers

Yes, the FrightFest boys are back with their first all-dayer event of 2007! On Saturday 17th February they're showing five films at the Glasgow Filmhouse as part of the annual Glasgow Film Festival. The line up has been confirmed as follows:
  • The Tripper (Dir: David Arquette) - a crazed madman obsessed with Ronald Reagan goes on a killing spree at a hippy festival.
  • S&Man (Dir: JT Petty) - a documentary about voyeurs and filmmakers in the underground world of horror cinema.
  • The Messengers (Dir: Pang Brothers) - strained relationships as a family relocate from the big city to a run-down sunflower farm, from the Asian masters of style over content.
  • Turistas (Dir: John Stockwell) - backpacking holiday nightmare from the director of Into The Blue and Blue Crush - so expect plenty of bikinis and speedos!
  • Motel Hell (Dir: Kevin Connor) - retro screening of this 80's classic about a bloke who kills travellers and turns them into fritters.
Tickets go on sale this coming Sunday priced at £20 for the day - full details can be found on the Glasgow Film Festival website.

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