Wednesday, January 17, 2007


As you may have noticed, feed the pony finally got upgraded to the new version of Blogger this week, so after two years of the 'dark dots' layout I thought this would be an ideal time for a change. So you're now looking at the new improved site, I hope you like it!

Inevitably there are a few teething issues - I've lost my list of blogging friends, my Eat My Brains banner, my subscription option, my hit counter and my weather pixie - but hopefully I can retrieve some, if not all, of these missing elements very soon. Anyway, please bear with me while I adjust to my new layout. Thanks - and enjoy!


Dancinfairy said...

Shiny! Good luck with getting it how you want it!!!

rawshark said...

Oi you - get that EMB banner back up pronto..!


Cool looking blog - hope to see it customised soon...

Saw Rocky Balboa tonight. More of a light-middle weight than a heavy weight, but enjoyable if you liked any of the others..

Hopefully catch up Fri

soulmining said...

Hey, it's all good... the Weather Pixie has come in from the cold, the links are up and - most importantly - your EMB link is back on board!

Now watch those hits come rolling in!