Friday, April 21, 2006

José González at the Dome

Last night I was working on the José González show, so I managed to catch the end of his performance and he sounded pretty good actually, bearing in mind I've only ever heard that single before. It was the first night of his UK tour and there was a quiet, respectful atmosphere inside the Dome as José went to work with his acoustic guitar, accompanied solely by a couple of mates on percussion duties. For the encore he covered Kylie's Hand On My Heart and Massive Attack's Teardrop before the inevitable solo finale of Heartbeats.

[ Sorry for the lack of posts recently but I've been hit by a particularly vicious strain of 'space virus' (© James Moran) which has been busy eating away my throat, pounding my skull and generally giving me sleepless nights. Abnormal service will resume shortly, I hope... ]

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