Friday, May 18, 2007

The Great Escape at the Corn Exchange

Nouvelle Vague - Brighton Corn Exchange

The Great Escape festival kicked off its three day residency in Brighton last night and having tried and failed to blag in to see CSS at the Concorde, I put plan B into action and went along to the Corn Exchange show instead. First up was a Swedish female singer who goes under the name of Hello Saferide and along with her band she treated us to a few Summery tunes which were very pleasant. Next were Norwegian combo Adjagas who were quite odd and steered deep into world music territory, although the one track mid-set where the young female vocalist took centre stage was outstanding, very reminiscent of Natacha Atlas. Third on the bill was Patrick Watson who sounded like a cross between Damon Albarn and Chris Martin, but with a really loose band. Headliners for the night were Nouvelle Vague - deservedly so - and their gallic, laid back covers have never sounded better. The band seemed tighter and more assured than when I saw them at the Komedia last and the contrasting vocal styles of the two singers worked a treat. They played songs from both albums and there were many highlights, none more so than Love Will Tear Us Apart which closed the set with the whole audience joining in. By the end I'd forgotten all about CSS...

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