Saturday, May 26, 2007

F*** Star Wars

30 years - 30 covers

I like Empire magazine. It's my favourite film magazine and I've been a loyal subscriber for over 15 years. But enough is enough, their new issue is just taking the piss. Look, I'll freely admit that Star Wars is the most influential movie of my generation, but does its 30 year anniversary really warrant a thirty page feature in the magazine plus thirty assorted covers? How many more words can be written about one series of films, three of which were average at best? Fine, by all means give it a brief mention somewhere in the publication, but don't make it the main feature... there are other new films released this Summer you know. This action just smacks of the most cynical marketing, cashing in on the unwavering fans of the franchise. What next, another Lord Of The Rings retrospective? And if I ever meet someone who admits to collecting all thirty different covers, well...

F*** Star Wars. Get over it.


Anonymous said...

I thought you loved all things space-y?

You've got that lovely Star Trek uniform and everything.

Star Wars is the only Sci-Fi film worth watching you twonk!

Chris Collier said...

The influence of Star Wars is not in doubt. The question is should we keep banging on about it indefinably.

The answer is NO.

Will Citizen Kane get seventy different covers in 2011: I don’t think so.
Will 2001 get forty covers in 2008: again, I don’t think so.

So, as was rightly said in the original post, let’s get over it.

Anonymous said...
“Star Wars is the only Sci-Fi film worth watching you twonk!”

What about Alien, 2001, Metropolis, The Thing, Bladerunner, Solaris (1972), Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or Terminator; to name but a few.

CarbonToe said...

Yeah...You Twonk (??!!??)

Insert dribbling fanboy pro Star Wars rant.... :)~

All I'll say is "That will teach you to buy a second rate film magazine! You should have bought Hotdog whilst it was still in print"

Oh yeah...You Twonk!!!

If only Mr Lucas cut the first three films into a single 2 hour story and then did the two sequels handing them out to worthy directors and getting somone else to rewrite his turgid dialogue we might have films worth watching and a franchise that isn't dead in the water.

I got over Star Wars with the Ewok films, at that point the series died.

Can I call you a Twonk again?