Friday, October 13, 2006

Imogen Heap at the Dome

Having a band/artist you really admire performing where you work is always a bit weird but is also really exciting. I'd been so worried that the Imogen Heap gig was going to get cancelled after her recent illness, so kept everything crossed when her agent confirmed it was still on (the day before) and I was so relieved when she arrived safely at the venue on Wednesday afternoon. I got to see some of the soundcheck as I was working inside the auditorium and it was clear that Immi was still fighting that frog in her throat, but she wasn't going to let it get the better of her. The gig was awesome. I took Dave and Andy with me who'd not seen her play live before and they were spellbound throughout, as indeed was I. She's such a fascinating performer to watch as she layers her vocals and sounds, so unlike anyone else that I've seen - and she's so down to earth and funny with it. Her set was similar to the one that she played back at the Komedia earlier in the year, except this time she had backing from support band Nemo on some of the more rockier numbers. When she came out and played Hide & Seek for the encore she was stood right in front of where I was sat and it was as if she was playing just for me, it made my spine tingle... Daylight Robbery rocked out, and The Moment I Said It was the perfect finale. After the show we were drinking in The Waggon and she called in to see the Nemo lads, so we got to say hello and she signed my Dave's CD, so that was a bonus! A great, great evening!

You can see more of my photos on Immi's moblog page here.

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Mouldy said...

It was fabulous, wasn't it. And the songs really had a great deal more depth when you heard them live. I loved the way shem moved her arms when she sang.

And what a fab photo!