Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dangerous Junk For Sale

My American buddy Sean Bunzick has just published his third novel entitled Dangerous Junk For Sail, the latest in his series of John Harwich novels set in South East Asia.

In addition to quotes from fellow authors Jason Schoonover and Christopher G. Moore on the front cover, and the Cape Cod Times on the rear, a quote from yours truly has also made it onto the back cover:

"Combines his unrivalled passion for military history and Thailand's expat lifestyle in this rip-roaring adventure full of larger than life characters, all delivered in his own inimitable style."

(Although the proof reader must have been on a tea break at the time as the words 'full of' seem to have gone AWOL during the printing process...)

I know Sean is a good mate of mine but it's still kind of him to use one of my quotes on his cover! I wish him all the best with his book sales and continuing writing career.

You can read more about the novel and order a copy at the Author House website here.

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