Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Serena Maneesh at Madame Jo-Jo's

Last Tuesday then... the day after FrightFest so I enjoyed a very welcome lie-in until midday. Headed into London town and parted ways with my co-conspirator Steve, grabbed a bite to eat and then met James for a drink in Holborn. The pair of us then went to the Knowledge Lab at Birkbeck to take part in a two hour focus group on Ichi The Killer for the University of Wales' Extreme Films Research project which was really interesting. I should have gone for a quick drink with Lisa afterwards, but no, live music was calling me... so I ended up paying a fiver to get into Madame Jo-Jo's in the heart of Soho to catch the very noisy and wonderful Serena Maneesh who I first saw supporting the Dandys last year. Their appearance was to help launch their new single Sapphire Eyes and formed part of the White Heat club night, so they only played for forty minutes - but what a forty minutes! Although they didn't play Drain Cosmetics. Which was a shame. And then, finally, I was free to return home to Brighton...

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