Friday, September 29, 2006

Juliette & The Licks at the Concorde

What a top night out this was! So I probably won't be rushing out to buy the new Juliette & The Licks CD next week, but live... they rock! Juliette Lewis has star quality and that voice is made for rock 'n' roll. Couldn't tell you what songs they played but I enjoyed it immensely and had a great time catching up with good friends. Met a really cool girl too who kinda made me forget all about last weekend... just a shame she's married with two kids!!


Gingerbloke said...

The gig was brilliant but I am worried that you are getting your head turned by anything female lately. The fact is I was there and cannot remember you meeting any girl like that at all! Did I miss something?

soulmining said...

You surely did miss something, I think you were too busy talking to Graham and Andy at the time... :)