Monday, July 10, 2006

Survive Style 5+ Review

Reika Hashimoto as Mimi in Survive Style 5+

Recently released on DVD by Manga in the UK, Survive Style 5+ is a wacky Japanese flick starring Tadanobu Asano, Sonny Chiba and...erm, Vinnie Jones.

"Prepare yourself for a movie experience quite unlike any other! One of the freshest, craziest and most thrillingly original movies you are likely to see this year, SURVIVE STYLE 5+ is the astonishing directorial debut feature of acclaimed Japanese commercials director Gen Sekiguchi. A wacked-out surrealist comedy from the farthest reaches of the imagination, the film almost defies description, coming on like a fantastical version of Pulp Fiction if directed by Takashi Miike while tripping on acid."

You can read my review of the film on Eat My Brains here.

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