Saturday, July 01, 2006

July Live

July then. The sun is shining, the World Cup is drawing to a close (come on England!) and bands are all playing at Summer festivals, so there's not as much local live entertainment to look forward to this month. Plenty of things to look forward to later in the year however, with Juliette Lewis & The Licks, Sandi Thom, The Automatic, Keane and Razorlight all recently confirming shows in Brighton. Anyway, here's what I have found for this month:

03/07 - Jerry Springer: The Opera pitches up at the Dome for a week long run of shows. I'm going to check it out just to see what the fuss is all about. Expect protesters! They've been handing out leaflets outside the venue for the past two weeks...

06/07 - They've been featured in my Play It Cool column for the past two months and now Green Gartside is taking Scritti Politti on the road for a handful of live dates for the first time in 26 years. The new album White Bread Black Beer is a corker - his gig at the Concorde is a must-see this month.

10/07 - New metal band Lostprophets turn up at the Dome for their sold out show coinciding with the release of their new Liberation Transmission album.

19/07 - Hot on the heels of their top 5 single Monster, The Automatic are playing at the Concorde. Tickets sold out ages ago but fear not, they'll be returning later in the Autumn for a concert at the Corn Exchange.

20/07 - Girl of the moment Lily Allen will be at Audio for an intimate gig to celebrate the release of her debut album Alright, Still. Free tickets from Brighton's record emporiums if you pre-order the CD.

25/07 - Postponed from last month, Regina Spektor will hopefully make it to the Concorde this time. As might I... the original date clashed with work commitments. Could be worth checking out.

28/07 - I'm supposed to be in London for the day, so need to find something to do in the evening... Daniel Kitson could be a safe bet as he's trying out his new show C 90 at Riverside Studios ready for his Edinburgh Festival run in August.

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