Friday, July 21, 2006

The Automatic at the Concorde

Wednesday: the hottest day of the year so far therefore probably not the best time to be going to a sold out gig down at the sweaty Concorde along with 600 other people. Still, it would have been rude not to. Actually, it wasn't too bad inside the venue; yes, it was hot, but conditions weren't quite as cramped as I'd anticipated, if anything it was busiest when Cat The Dog (the second support) were playing. Sadly, in my opinion, they were rubbish and not a patch on the first support band, Switches. The Automatic finally took to the stage around 10pm and played for an hour. Their energetic set was pretty solid, with the singles Raoul and Monster being the obvious stand-out tracks, and they finished with an encore of forthcoming single Recover before stripping down to their pants, ready to dash across the beach for a late night dip. They return to Brighton on 24th October for a date at the Corn Exchange.

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