Thursday, August 30, 2007

FrightFest 2007 - Day 3 (Saturday)

Sheena and Ashley in Leicester Square

Another leisurely stroll along to Leicester Square with plenty of time to catch up with our fellow FrightFesters before the day's entertainment began. First up was the Norwegian snowbound thriller Cold Prey introduced by director Roar Uthaug which was pretty decent and looked great up on the big OWE screen. Back outside where I bumped into Ant with Chris and Matt from The Devil Dared Me To and got to hear just how they'd managed to gash their hands open the previous night - ouch! I then sat through Joshua, the movie with the weird kid that I didn't really like. Paul and Ian both hated it but - like nearly every film shown over the weekend - it certainly had its fans. I skipped the first batch of short films and wished I'd missed them all... except for Les Morveux which was a very funny tale of a French bloke using an array of tools to shut up a choir of kids. Storm Warning was a film of two halves; the first part being slow and filled with one dimensional characters, the second part far more exciting as our captive couple got all creative in the shed and dispatched their attackers in all manner of inventive ways. Outside again I was able to get a couple of things signed by Neil Marshall and Joe Lynch and then it was the fiendish FrightFest Quiz hosted by the double act of Alan Jones and David McGillivary - a quiz so hard that Steve, Thurein and I only got two questions right between the three of us! Joe's Wrong Turn 2 was a real crowd pleaser with lots of gore and Henry Rollins totally ruling the film. It also provided my first real 'jump' of the festival and Joe proved to be a hugely enthusiastic guy in the Q&A, coming across like a younger Quentin Tarantino. After another screening of Neil's Doomsday trailer (this time in colour) we had Ant's Trailer Trash compilation (pick of the bunch - Werewolves In A Girls' Dormitory) and then it was into Disturbia which was a surprisingly good slick Hollywood thriller.

The Devil Dared Them To - Matt Heath, Chris Stapp and Ant Timpson display their wounds

Before the final film of the evening we had a double bill of Aussie trailers in the shape of Schooner Of Blood and the brilliantly titled cricket horror-comedy I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer. We also got to see Edgar Wright's Don't, his fake trailer from the Grindhouse movie which was very well received. The Devil Dared Me To was one of the films I'd most been looking forward to and it didn't disappoint; exciting, vulgar and full of swearing - you just don't hear the term "jizzlobber" enough in films nowadays - it was a blast from start to finish and made for the perfect midnight movie. The guys were on top form too and I'm still in awe at their crazy stunt work - check out the closing credits montage and you'll see what I mean.

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