Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Feist at the Komedia

Feist - Brighton Komedia

There was more 'Song-cram' action for Andy and I last night with the second gig of our blagging trilogy, in the shape of Feist at the Komedia. Canadian singer Leslie Feist is a member of Broken Social Scene, has collaborated with Peaches, and is about to release her second solo album The Reminder here next week. I'd only heard a few tracks from her first album Let It Die plus her new track My Moon My Man but my instincts told me this was going to be something special. From the first song it was clear that she possesses an incredible voice with hints of Liz Fraser, Heather Nova and Patti Smith in there, and is a worthy addition to my pantheon of favoured female singer/songwriters. I must admit that I was expecting her sound to be at the more jazzy end of the spectrum but in fact the majority of her stuff was actually more mainstream. Keen to promote her forthcoming album the set was peppered with new material including her current single and the popular 1,2,3,4. Having quickly developed a rapport with the audience she got us to vote whether she should perform the encore of Mushaboom solo or with her band - we went for the latter - and so ended a very special performance. My instincts were right.

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