Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Can I have another piece of chocolate cake?

Happy birthday to me! I got cake!

Thanks to everyone who's sent cards or messages today, you're all lovely people! I'm actually having a quiet day today (well, so far...) after celebrating all weekend. On Saturday night I had a couple of beers with Mike talking fantasy football stuff, caught up with Hannah and Fran in the Waggon, and then met up with Dave, Andy and Gary for more beers. Onto Red Snapper for a delicious Thai meal and six bottles of wine, then continued drinking at Gary's flat until I was sick, left at 5am (so I'm told...) and then managed to f*ck up our internet connection when I stupidly tried to get online in my drunken state. Spent Sunday in Shoreham with Troy and Rom, along with Steve and Chrissy, although I had the hangover from hell and was barely coherent all day. We ate lots of yummy food, Chrissy baked me a lovely chocolate cake and we watched Blue Crush. :)

I've got two friends with birthdays today, so Sean and Rob - happy birthday guys!


Dancinfairy said...

Well I am glad that you had a great birthday and such a yummy looking cake :o)

Adz said...

Happy belated birthday - sorry, I never knew! The cake looks (looked ) yummy! Jealous!