Saturday, May 27, 2006

Nerina Pallot at Borders, Churchill Square

Our local Borders store played host to Nerina Pallot this afternoon, which was a particular bonus for me as I'm having to miss her gig at St George's Church tonight. Nerina played a short acoustic set comprising of four tracks from her album Fires - All Good People, Sophie, Mr King and her current single Everybody's Gone To War. I didn't hang around for the signing afterwards as I had to dash back to work, but I'll hopefully catch up with her again at the Regents Park gig in September.


Adz said...

I love her! I just found out that I am seeing her in July as I bought a ticket to come Ben & Jerry's thing in Clapham not realising she was even playing!

soulmining said...

Thanks for the tip about the B&J event at Clapham... will try and get tickets for that if I can.